Thai Celebrities as Brand Ambassadors for International Fashion Brands

2024-06-22 // SuperPodium
Discover the top Thai celebrities who are becoming brand ambassadors for renowned international fashion brands.

Over the years, we have witnessed K-celebrities becoming ambassadors for global fashion brands, leading to iconic campaigns and viral runway show looks. Now, fashion brands are expanding their reach in other parts of Asia, particularly in Thailand. Let's take a look at some of the top Thai celebrities who are brand ambassadors for international fashion brands:

Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn

Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn is a well-known actor and has endorsed prestigious labels like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Omega. He recently attended the launch of Tiffany Lock jewellery collection in Singapore alongside local celebrities. Metawin is often seen at fashion events and has established himself as a fashion icon.

Bright Vachirawit

Bright Vachirawit has gained fame with renowned brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. He was chosen as the inaugural South Asia Pacific Ambassador for Burberry and even made his appearance at the brand's fall/winter 2023 show in London. Bright's association with the fashion industry is thriving.

Tay Tawan Vihokratanaha

LOEWE appointed Tay Tawan Vihokratanaha as their newest friend of the house. The Bangkok-based actor, host, and model impressed LOEWE with his ability to connect with audiences and his unique charm. Tay expressed his excitement to collaborate with an innovative brand like LOEWE.

Billkin Putthipong

Billkin Putthipong, a successful musician, has been releasing music under his own label, Billkin Entertainment. He has performed at sold-out concerts and was recently named a brand ambassador by Gucci. Billkin joins fellow Thai stars Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong and Davika Hoorne in representing the brand.


BamBam, a rapper and singer, rose to fame as a member of the South Korean group GOT7. His success in the music industry caught the attention of Louis Vuitton, who named him their newest House Ambassador. BamBam's global recognition continues to grow.

Lalisa Manoban

Lalisa Manoban, also known as Lisa, is a member of the popular K-pop group BLACKPINK. She has been a Celine girl for several years and was appointed as their first global ambassador under Hedi Slimane's leadership. Lisa's influence in the fashion industry is undeniable.

Blue Pongtiwat

Blue Pongtiwat has become a rising actor in the Thai entertainment industry. He has attended fashion shows for Coach and Tod's, establishing himself as a fashion superstar. Blue was also the first male Friend of Swarovski from Thailand and has worked with renowned brands like Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

Davika Hoorne

Davika Hoorne, known for her impressive work in the horror film "Pee Mak", has become a prominent figure in acting and fashion. She was named the House Friend for Bulgari in the South Asia Pacific region and is also a brand ambassador for Gucci and Gucci Beauty.

Mile Phakphum

Mile Phakphum, a Thai drama actor, gained success in boys' love series. He was recently appointed as the first male Friend of the House for Bulgari Thailand, joining other Thai artists like Lalisa Manoban and Davika Hoorne. Mile's career is on the rise in both acting and fashion.

Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat

Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat, also known as Apo, scored a major ambassadorship with Dior alongside Mile Phakphum. They both embody the Dior style and spirit locally and globally. Apo also became the first Friend of the Maison for Piaget in Southeast Asia.

Gulf Kanawut

Gulf Kanawut, a well-known name in the Thai entertainment industry, has been appointed as a brand ambassador for Gucci. He perfectly represents the brand's commitment to individuality and self-expression. Gulf has already made multiple appearances for Gucci and continues to make a mark in the fashion world.

PP Krit Amornchailerk

PP Krit Amornchailerk, a Thai singer-actor, is the first-ever brand ambassador for Balenciaga. He expressed his gratitude for the brand's creativity and ethical vision, which allows him to express his authentic self. PP is excited to bring his individuality to the world through Balenciaga.

Tontawan Tantivejakul

Tontawan Tantivejakul, also known as Tontawan, is a key player in the fashion industry. She has worked with luxury labels like Burberry, Prada, Miu Miu, and Chanel. Tontawan's partnership with Dior for their Joaillerie collections and Dior Beauty launches further solidifies her position as a fashion ambassador.

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